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A very successful international conference was organised on 18th-19th of January 2014 to foster awareness about, and promote research on, Iran’s environmental problems over a wide range of areas relating to:

  • Water and agricultural resources
  • Air and pollution
  • Forests and woodlands
  • Wildlife and habitat
  • Community development

The presentations and speeches from the January symposium can be found here.

Watch Gary Lewis’ passionate opening remarks: "The water crisis is the biggest challenge to Iran’s human security."

Watch Dr Kaveh Madani of Imperial College providing a concise picture of the causes of Iran’s water crisis. "A holistic approach to water management, backed by pricing water as a precious resource, is the key to addressing Iran’s water crisis."

Watch Dr Vahid Hosseini of Sharif University of Technology describe the crisis of air pollution in Tehran: the biggest threat to the health of the citizens.

Watch Dr Taghi Farvar’s presentation on the traditional role of indigenous communities in managing the scarce resources of water and rangelands.

Watch Dr Stephane Ostrowski talk about Iran’s flora, fauna and natural habitat and the challenges that climate change and lack of enforcement resources are posing for to forests, rangelands, and endangered species.

Watch Mrs Laleh Daraie’s presentation of the success of the UNDP/GEF Small Grants Programme in engaging local communities in environmental regeneration programmes in Iran.

Watch Dr Hassan Hakimian, an economist and Director of London Middle East Institute, wrap up the proceedings of the day in his closing remarks.

An important outcome of this conference is a new Visiting Fellowship at SOAS that is devoted to promoting research and scholarship on Iran’s environmental challenges. This will start on 1st October 2014.


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