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The Golha Project

Digital Archive - 2nd Phase

Completion date: Spring 2012

Digital archiving of all the Golha radio programmes for access by academic researchers of Persian music and literature and the public at large.

Sponsored by

Iran Heritage Foundation.

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PARSA Community Foundation

PARSA Community Foundation

Project Management

Jane Lewisohn with Aydin Azizzadeh

Project Overview

The music and literary repertoire of the programmes known generally as Golha, 'Flowers [of Persian Poetry and Song]' was a series of weekly radio programmes aired on Iranian radio between 1956 and 1979 which covered the entire history of classical as well as contemporary Persian poetry, giving expression to the whole gamut of traditional Persian music and poetry. The foremost and best musicians, vocalists, literary critics, poets and announcers performed on the programmes, thus providing a unique - and still the best and most poetically diverse - recorded collection of the classical corpus of Persian music and poetry made in the 20th century.

This project proposes to construct a digital archive of the series for access by academic researchers of Persian music and literature and the public at large. The first phase of the project, which was to compile and digitalize a complete archive of all the Golha radio programmes, was completed in 2008 by Jane Lewisohn under the auspices and support of the Endangered Archives Programme of the British Library where a copy of the complete digital archive is currently kept in the National Sound Archive World Music Section there. Iran Heritage Foundation will be involved in the second phase of the project which aims to create a searchable, relational database of the entire archive including bio-bibliographical data on the performers and authors, musical notation for the songs, transcription of the poetry and the commentaries included in the programmes. This database will be made available over the internet by means of a purpose-built website linked exclusively to the IHF website.

The archive as a whole will be a unique cultural resource which can both be enjoyed by students and lovers of Persian culture and also used as a teaching tool for both Persian music and Persian literature.

Project Duration

3 Years - 30% of the work already completed


This 6-minute film introduces IHF's Golha Project, please click here to view it.


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