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Chief Executive’s Review - Year Ending 31st December 2013

Dr John CurtisDuring the period covered by this report Farad Azima was still the acting CEO of IHF in an honorary capacity. He took on this role in addition to running an important and successful business, and many thanks are due to him for implementing a number of changes while at the same time keeping a firm hand on the tiller. Thanks are also due to Haleh Anvari who was Director of IHF from May 2012 to May 2013. During this time she organised a number of events and commissioned a series of films on the reaction of local Iranian communities in the USA to the Cyrus Cylinder tour. The roles of Director and CEO have now been combined, and I started in this new position at the beginning of January 2014.

This is an exciting time to be taking charge of IHF. There is currently a surge of interest in Iran and Iranian cultural heritage, and at the present time there seems to be the possibility of working more closely with Iran in the future. The recent work of IHF provides an excellent platform on which to build. A glance at this report shows the wide range of activities undertaken in the last year. The Institutional Partnership Programme continued to flourish, a large number of grants were disbursed, and many events were organised or sponsored. Dominating the entire year, however, was the Cyrus Cylinder tour of the USA, organised jointly by the IHF, the British Museum and the Freer Sackler Gallery. This proved to be an unparalleled success, and marked the launch of IHF in the USA. We are spreading our wings, and intend to be active in the USA in the future. Moving forward, the opportunities both inside and outside the UK are immense. We can do so much to promote the cultural heritage of Iran. We also want to take a closer interest in the environmental heritage of Iran, which is in a parlous state. But to do all this we need the help of all those interested in Iranian heritage. I very much hope that during my tenure as CEO of IHF I will be able to count on the support and generosity of all who are interested in the work of the IHF.

Dr. John E. Curtis, OBE, FBA
Chief Executive Officer